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From Transition to Success: Taking Flight as a Gallery Agent

By Jeff Kniffin

March 31, 2019

As my business partner, John Meechan, discussed in his last article “What I Learned From 5,000 Cups of Coffee and Real Estate Agent Recruiting Interviews” – we invest a significant amount of time interviewing agents to make sure that we are the right fit for each other. So, when an agent chooses to come on board, we are thrilled because we know we are all committed to the new partnership.

The mission that drives The Gallery is the success of our agents. Period. As an independent brokerage, we aren’t required to split our loyalties or earnings with a national brand. Instead of focusing on corporate initiatives, we can devote our full attention to our team. We start this as soon as someone comes on board, by offering a seamless transition approach and introducing them to the SCORE platform, our proprietary agent support program.

The Gallery’s SCORE platform

SCORE translates as Support, Coaching, Opportunities, Resources, and Education. Highlights of the platform include:

  • Support: structured on-boarding and introduction to in-house support staff

  • Coaching: from one-on-one business planning to marketing sessions

  • Opportunities: industry events and sponsored networking activities

  • Resources: a robust online resources library

  • Education: a variety of classes offered every month

SCORE is created and delivered locally by in-house experts who are always available to assist agents. No distant training centers or travelling for support. It is all right here at The Gallery Residential Brokerage.

Special support for our new agents

New agents connect with the Support function of our SCORE platform almost right away through a two-step process designed to make their transition as smooth as possible while setting them up for success.

Guiding our newly joined associates is Marissa Taylor, The Gallery’s On-boarding and Administrative Coordinator. Marissa uses her former experience as an educator to make certain that agents have information clearly explained and their questions answered even before they officially start at The Gallery. On the first day as a Gallery agent, on-boarding is practical and fuss-free: paperwork, key systems, and rules of the road – all are covered in one session, and Marissa manages the agent’s transition with her kind and friendly manner.

A common reaction from associates completing an on-boarding session is “wow, that was so much easier than I thought.” We never get tired of hearing that!

Activating the Gallery’s full resources

After on-boarding, agents are invited to our special orientation, where they are introduced to the full breadth of Gallery resources. Marissa leads agents through all the details of our entire proprietary SCORE platform, including classes, events, coaching, publications, data, social media and marketing materials.

Agents are generally surprised at the depth and availability of our resources, and many say it is far more than they had at their former brokerage. John and I are proud of that and we meet with our directors regularly to review what’s working. In addition, a fresh calendar of classes and coaching opportunities is issued every month, so agents can choose what they need for their personal growth and business development.

Open line of communications

With over 30 years of real estate experience between us, John and I have a good sense of what works and what doesn’t. Our classes are specifically designed to help all agents build their business. Best practices on farming, prospecting, writing contracts, advice on how to level-up – these are topics we talk about every week. Plus, an agent can schedule 1:1 time with us whenever they need our insights or encouragement.

We are both particularly proud of our commitment to offer “on-call” advice. No one needs to wait for a class or a meeting to get our attention and support. Our agents know they can call or text us whenever they need us. If you join us, don’t be surprised to get a “hey, how are you?” or “need anything from me?” text from either of us from time to time.

Taking flight at The Gallery

All our agents share a certain dedication and service mentality to their business. It is our job to help them activate it, through our SCORE platform and our personal commitment to each agent’s success.

If you join us, we promise the transition will be as stress-free and straight-forward as possible and we are ready to help you grow as high and far as you want. That’s more than a promise, it is a system and culture. Something we call #GalleryDNA

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