Home Seller Guide

The Gallery’s New Issue: Home Seller Guide

The Gallery is committed to improving customer satisfaction by providing the perfect home seller guide.

Here is a summary of home selling tips for brokers:

  1. Help your client find a fair price for their home. Reasonable pricing is achieved by performing a comparative market analysis to identify the best price and sale timing.

  2. Prepare the client's house for showcasing it to the market. Manage repairs, aesthetic works, and general cleanliness. Glossy magazine pictures are additional help in marketing.

  3. Carry out smooth negotiation processes to ensure the price doesn't fall too far below the sale price. Negotiations have to favor both buyer and seller and should not promote bad blood among all involved.

  4. Once the deal is closed, carry out the necessary remaining paperwork, such as change of ownership agreements and others such as manuals or warranties.


The Gallery offers insightful training sessions for new realtors to smoothen the path towards becoming a renowned home seller. Be sure to contact us for more information or visit www.thegallerynj.com/homesellerguide.

Should I Invest in Residential Brokerage?

Real estate agents who specialize in residential brokerage deal with single-family homes. They are different from commercial brokers who deal with multi-family dwellings such as apartments or business properties. There are no limits, however, to the kind of agent you would like to be. Residential brokerage is much easier to manage since the job demand is less. It is also more financially lucrative since there are more homes to sell than business properties.

That said, the residential brokerage can be challenging initially, just like any other brokerage. The Gallery has several mentors who help gather skills and knowledge in this area. One of them is John Meechan, who is the CEO and co-founder of the firm. He has over a decade's worth of experience being a sales agent, a trainer, and a consultant, among other roles. Jeff Kniffin is also a co-founder who has, in the past, taken different roles in the sale of residential real estate. As leaders, Meechan and Kniffin have the function of helping residential brokers write a success story through quality management and consultation. Our testimonies section show the fantastic reviews of agents who have worked under this management and prospered.